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Turbo Technics turbo kit

Turbo Technics turbo kit

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The Turbo Technics Kit provides the highest 93 Octane HP on the market at 350hp while trail quiet, with the addition of the Turbor stock mod exhaust. We also have a flash making 475hp@36lbs boost while using a performance 3″ exhaust on VP import race gas. This replacement turbo fits in the stock location. The Turbo Technics Kit is exchanged with your stock turbo. The stock turbine housing is machined to fit the new Turbo Technics cartridge and compressor. This Kit comes with all necessary components to install in place on sled including the Total Boost Control Kit, replacement UP bar and necessary coolant and oil hoses.

The Turbo Technics kit additionally requires the Hurricane Header, 4 Bar Map Sensor, Cold Air Intake, etc. It is also necessary to modify the stock oil inlet banjo bolt by drilling the hole to 3.5mm to allow the necessary oil flow required into the turbo. The stock oil hose from the engine to turbo is reused with the modified banjo bolt.

This kit is not for the novice. People demanding to be “above the crowd fast” will feel the arm stretching power developed by this Turbo Technics Kit.
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