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BOP Driveshaft Bearing Saver

BOP Driveshaft Bearing Saver

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New for the 22-23 season we have a newly designed bearing assembly for the caliper housing. This bearing is custom made with a larger inside diameter. The larger ID allows for a press fit collar containing locking set screws to be pressed into the bearing. The collar has a slip fit tolerance onto the shaft to maintain easy caliper removal, but the set screws ensure the inner bearing race is spinning with the shaft. Installation of this bearing requires just removal of the inner clip on the shaft and removal of the debris seal inside the tunnel.

The biggest highlight of this new product is that it works on a worn driveshaft. The collar extends well beyond the typical wear area on the shaft and therefore allows it to serve as a "repair" over the worn area of the shaft. The ability to work on a worn shaft will save customers the time and expense associated with replacing the driveshaft. The bearings being used are from the quality German bearing company FAG.

video of the installation can be seen here:
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