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BOP Radiator kit

BOP Radiator kit

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The 998 turbo snowmbiles heat up quite quickly in marginal snow dust conditions or when skirting roads to get into towns. Even just idling the Sidewinder will heat up quite quickly at a road crossing. On the stock cooling system, we found if you came to a stop with coolant temp around 170 F, it would idle for around 8.5 minutes before going into limp mode. With the radiator and fan set up we were able to prolong the overheat light at idle to 21 minutes with ambient air temperatures at around 16 F.

To fit the radiator under the hood, the top of the intercooler needs to be tilted front. In order for this to take place the kit requires the use of our intercooler guard, and therefore it is included in the kit. In addition the fuse box gets relocated as shown in above picture.

Kit includes a derale adjustable thermostat switch to control the fan. The switch gets set to activate the fan at 180 degrees. The controller has a 10 degree differential built in so with a 180 on temp, the off temp would be 170.
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